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Is I.T. optimized to increase revenue generation in your organization?

Is I.T. helping you perform as a best-in-class organization in your industry?

Is I.T. leading to efficiencies that both reduce costs and risks for your organization?

As a C-level Executive, you should be answering YES to all of these questions and more about the maturity of I.T. in your organization. Learn how, by attending this  invaluable workshop on I.T. SUCCESS & MATURITY.

What Is I.T. Success?

It’s when I.T. DRIVES your profitability

It’s when I.T. OPTIMIZES your success and sets you up for future growth and profits.

It’s when I.T. IMPROVES your organization's ability to reduce COST reduce RISK and INCREASE revenue.

I.T. Success Maturity Workshop Details

Friday, June 2
12PM to 3PM
Lunch provided.
Social time with appetizers/drinks at conclusion of the event.


302 S. Cheyenne Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74103
(The Corner of 3rd and Denver)

Please remember this is a C-level presentation being presented by a CEO, no attendees will be accepted that are not at the executive level. The discussion and presentation will be presented at that level, as well as the actual I.T. Maturity Assessment will require the knowledge of the top executives of your organization.

Register Today for our FREE I.T. SUCCESS MATURITY ASSESSMENT Workshop on June 2, 2017, Noon – 3 pm at MixCo in Tulsa, Oklahoma

This session is exclusively for the C-level suite and is limited to 25 participants.

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What You Will Get Out of the  I.T. Success Maturity Assessment Workshop

Most companies never have their I.T. Maturity level assessed. Not understanding the road to greater I.T. Maturity can lead to increased exposure to risks, increases operational costs and complexity of I.T. infrastructure, and lower profitability. Your ability to improve your I.T. Maturity will drive your organization to whole new levels of success.

At this strategic workshop, the following C-level topics will be discussed:

  1. I.T. MATURITY SCORE: -Each participant will bring their laptop and be lead to complete a detailed survey which will ultimately provide an I.T. Success Maturity score for your organization.
  2. I.T. PLANNING: During the assessment process, each question will be discussed to explain the importance of true I.T. planning for profitability and growth.
  3. BEST-IN-CLASS: Information will be shared to show how best-in-class organizations perform proper I.T. budgeting and strategizing.
  4. TRENDS: Current and future trends will be shared which directly affect a company’s ability to plan, adjust, and adapt to rapid economic and industry changes and the I.T. maturity that is needed to accompany the planning process.
  5. FUTURE GROWTH AND SUCCESS: Your I.T. Success Maturity Assessment will indicate where and what your company must learn and change in order to grow and be able to use I.T. to drive revenue, reduce costs, and reduce risk.

JMARK is in the top 10% of I.T. companies in the country. This success has directly come from the leadership of Thomas H. Douglas and the amazing team he has put together. Join Tom as he shares his knowledge with you about I.T. Success and Maturity, and how it can truly drive success into your organization, regardless of what industry you are in. Remember, this session will be limited to 25 participants so register now to secure your seat.

For more information or questions on this I.T. Success session, please contact Chris Tuckness, 844-44-JMARK or